Zeal Church

Totally Stockport’s Family Festival


You’ve seen those action films with the moody rain scene at the pivotal point in the story. With the number of super hero’s out to play at Totally Stockport’s family festival, it was like being on the set!

We were really proud to support this event as a church. Despite the rain, it was a great day for the littluns. With Mr Bloom at Stockport Plaza, princess and super hero parades, Frozen and the Greatest Showman performances, there was lots to see and do.

The Makers Market shone once again adding its unique flare to the already fun-packed day. Along, with the climbing wall there was more than enough for young and old.

As a church community we’re all about helping to lift Stockport and its people. Events like this are surly a key part of seeing life restored to the heart of our great town and we can’t wait for the next one.


With all the good will and investment that’s going on in the town centre at the moment, the day did truly feel like that pivotal point in the story of Stockport’s regeneration.


Totally Stockport is the face of the new Business Improvement District. BID’s are locally driven initiatives designed to bring improvements to the district that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. An additional £2m is being raised and invested over the BID’s five year period bringing key improvements to Stockport town centre.

We’re really appreciative of those who drove this idea forward and are currently working hard to bring its vision about. If you want to find out more about Totally Stockport and the BID then visit the site www.totallystockport.co.uk

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