Zeal Church

The Power of Food

Have you noticed how we like activities which involve food? When we go on a family walk, we always end up in the café, we relish any excuse to celebrate with cake, and every Sunday we have treats available to enjoy over tea and coffee. Basically, wherever you find Zeal Church you will also find food!

This isn’t just because we enjoy eating (although we do) but we believe there is something powerful that happens when we come together around food, around a table. If you look at the life of Jesus you will often find him eating with people, at a celebration or a dinner party. Sharing a table tells someone, you are important, you matter, I want to get to know you in a real and unsuperficial way.

So the next time you hear we are having a lunch or a girls night dessert club or going to Foodie Friday make sure you join us – we want to get to know you!

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