Zeal Church

Pioneer Network

One of our core values is that “we’re better together”. Partnership and collaboration are always high on our agenda and we constantly seek ways to work with others. It also means that we welcome and seek support and accountability where we can.

Zeal Church is part of the Pioneer network which enables us to not only have formal partnerships but also the support and accountability of a fantastic team.

Pioneer is a relational network that is committed to connecting, inspiring and equipping churches in the UK and globally. Leaders and churches are connected through local regions and hubs.

Zeal Church is specifically connected to the North region through Nathan and Laura’s relationship with Richard and Judith Anniss who oversee the region and lead King’s Church in Greater Manchester, which is a Pioneer Hub Church. These regions help to provide support and development. They also help to build strong relationships among different churches, enabling us to work together more effectively to serve our local communities.

Pioneer seeks to be relational, missional, charismatic and kingdom oriented. Check out the Pioneer website to find out more about its vision, values and distinctives.

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