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How to survive Christmas

Crazy decorations, winter treats and festive get-to   gethers, there’s lots to love about Christmas! But it does often come with its own brand of stress and strain.

Zeal Church loves to help make a difference in people’s lives and is always looking for new ways we can serve our local community.


So, this Christmas time we produced and distributed 4 editions of a “How to Survive Christmas” magazine packed full of helpful hints and tips for having a fantastic Christmas and pointing people to some other great organisations and resources too. We covered “How to Survive Christmas… without losing your cool, without breaking the bank, without a family feud and without falling apart.


Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get hold of any of these editions you can either get in touch and we’ll send you a nice glossy one in the post or check them out on our blog here:


Have a wonderful Christmas time full of laughter and fun!

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